Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Policy


Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to affirm the Gates Public Library support of equal access for persons with disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act and establish procedures for requesting an accommodation or making a complaint regarding lack of access due to a disability. The Library seeks to make its services, facilities, and programs as accessible as possible to the public and staff, including those who have disabilities. To accommodate those with disabilities:

  • We have an ADA-compliant, accessible facility. In addition, Library staff are available to assist individuals.
  • We offer curbside service to patrons with disabilities that prevent them from coming into the Library.
  • We offer home delivery of materials to patrons, pending volunteer availability.
  • We welcome service animals in the Library.
  • We offer Accessibility Tools on our website and through web browsers to allow users to translate text, enlarge and change fonts, adjust colors, have text read to them, and more.
  • We lend large print books, audiobooks on CD and Playaway, downloadable digital audiobooks, and e-books that allow users to enlarge fonts.
  • We provide reference help via email, mail, phone, and in person.
  • We provide a Merlin Magnifier on site that magnifies text, and loan out handheld magnifiers.
  • We coordinate the loan of talking and braille books through the NYS Talking Book and Braille Library.
  • We make every effort to present accessible library-sponsored programs:
    • American Sign Language Interpreters are scheduled if individuals provide the Library with at least two weeks’ notice in advance of the program.
    • For movie screenings, subtitles are turned on.

Procedure for Requesting an Accommodation or Making a Complaint

The following procedures have been developed in order to assist the Library in addressing concerns about accessibility. People who wish to request accommodation or make a complaint about accessibility at the Library have access to a three-step procedure.

Step One: Requests for accommodation and/or complaints about accessibility can be presented in person, by mail, email, or over the phone. Complaints should be communicated within 5 days after the complainant becomes aware of the alleged violation. Requests for accommodation and complaints should be addressed to the Library Director, who then makes every attempt to provide accommodation and/or resolve the issue within 3 working days.

Step Two: If resolution is not achieved by Step One, a complaint can be presented in writing by completing the Accessibility Concerns Form on this webpage (or by downloading the form or obtaining a paper copy at the library). Staff will provide patrons with assistance in completing this form as needed. Completed forms are reviewed by the Library Director; a formal response is made to the complainant within ten working days of the date of original submission of the form. The formal response can be a telephone call, followed by a letter confirming the telephone discussion, or directly by letter. The Library Director will make every attempt to resolve the issue through this means.

Step Three: If resolution is not achieved by Step Two, the concerned individual can request reconsideration of the case by writing a letter directly to the Library Board at: Board President, Gates Public Library Board of Trustees, 902 Elmgrove Rd, Rochester, NY 14624. Such a request should be made within 15 days of the Director’s response in Step two. The Board President will place the matter on the agenda so that the concerned individual can present their concerns at the next regularly scheduled Library Board meeting, although the individual’s attendance is not required. The decision of the Library Board will be made within 5 working days and shall be considered final for the Library. If resolution still is not achieved, the concerned individual may wish to pursue other courses of action as described in the American with Disabilities Act and related regulations.


Accessibility Concerns Form


Please see the policy and procedure on the left to find out how we will address your concern.