There are several different types of jobs at the Gates Public Library: professional, paraprofessional, part-time clerical, full-time clerical, part-time aides and library pages (both adult and high school). All full-time positions are filled through Monroe County Civil Service exams.

Page Position

Pages shelve returned items, maintain item order on the shelves, and help with other tasks as needed. Pages are assigned a minimum of 9 hours a week and a maximum of 19 hours a week based on library need and page availability. Pages are hired as needed.

Aide Position

Library aides perform regular circulation functions such as charging and returning items, collecting fines, and answering questions about patron accounts. Library aides also perform simple clerical tasks. Related work will be assigned as required. Library aides are assigned a minimum of 12 hours a week and a maximum of 16 hours a week based on library need and aide availability. Library aides are hired as needed.

If you are interested in applying for a page or aide position, please fill out the application below. We will hold your application for one year. If you have any questions about either position, you can call the library at (585) 247-6446.