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Online Minecraft Club

Sep 30th, 2020 at 3:49 PM

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Looking for an educational after-school activity? Join us every Thursday at 4PM for a Virtual Minecraft Club! Minecraft has a TON of educational benefits: Minecraft is an opportunity for students to work on math
and visual art skills, students learn teamwork and cooperation skills, students learn critical thinking skills and Minecraft encourages creative self-expression, problem solving and experimentation!

Play on our safe and family-friendly servers!

On console (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, any tablet, VR)? GO TO ”PLAY”, THEN ”FRIENDS” AND PRESS ”JOIN REALM” AND ENTER THE INVITE CODE: KDb7EAHrSWE.

On PC (Java Edition)? Join our private server! Server Name: GPL Minecraft Club; Server Address:

Be there or be square!