Comprehensive Plan Business Owner Survey

Town of Gates 2022

Comprehensive Plan Update

Business Owner Survey

Conducted by The Comprehensive Plan Update Board

The Town of Gates is in the process of updating the 2017 Comprehensive Plan. This is an every 5-year effort and is important to the Town and its residents and businesses as the plan provides a guide for policies, future growth and development.

A valuable component of this project is community involvement and input. Ideas and thoughts from residents and business owners in the Town are the foundation for this document.  A strong and vibrant community reflects the voices of its residents and their input is essential to ensure the Town of Gates continues to be the ‘Cornerstone’ of Monroe County.

This is the survey for owners of businesses in the Town.  If you also reside in the Town, we invite you to complete the Resident Survey as well.

This survey is anonymous. Info about you is asked only to analyze responses in the aggregate. Please do not skip any questions. If you wish to be contacted, please see page 3 of the survey.