Library Cards & Policies

Getting a Card

In order to obtain a library card you need to have a valid form of identification that shows your current name and address. We prefer a driver’s license, but there are many other acceptable forms of identification. We require parental identification and permission in order to issue a card to children between birth and 17-years-old. Call (585) 247-6446 for more details.

Using Your Card

Once you have a card you can use it to check out books, music, movies, and many other fun things from any Monroe County Library System library. Your card will allow you to access the internet on the library computers. You can also use your card to check out eBooks and digital audio books, and stream movies from the Monroe County Library System website.

Updating Your Card

Your card will expire once a year. At that time we will ask for your identification, make sure the contact information we have is correct, and update your card for another year. You will also have to pay off any outstanding fines to renew your card. You will keep the same card number. 

Keeping Track of Your Account

In order to help you keep track of when items are due we provide you with a receipt when you check out an item. We also offer an e-mail notification service that will e-mail you three days before an item is due to remind you about the upcoming due date. You can access your account information, including items checked out and when they are due, through the Monroe County Library System online catalog. You can check your account online here.

Loan Periods

Our books, audio books, and music items may be checked out for three weeks. These items, including new releases, may be renewed up to two times if no one has placed a hold request on the item. 

Our movies may be checked out for one week and are renewable.

Our Red Hot Express movies may be checked out for three days and are not renewable.


Our items have an overdue fine rate of $0.35 per day. There is a maximum overdue fine for each type of material. Adult books have a maximum fine of $7.00, Teen books have a maximum fine of $5.00, and Children’s books have a maximum fine of $3.00. The maximum fine on media items varies, but it is never more than $7.00.

If an item is more than 42 days overdue the borrowing patron is billed for the replacement cost of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee. If the item is returned the replacement cost and processing fee will be waived and the maximum overdue fine will be attached to the patron’s card.

Lost & Damaged Items

If a library item is lost or damaged beyond the point of simple repair, the library will bill you for the replacement cost of the item plus a $5.00 processing fee. The processing fee covers the cost of all supplies, barcodes, and labels needed to add a replacement copy to the collection. 

If you are being billed for a lost or damaged item the library will notify you in writing. You may then choose to either pay the replacement cost directly to the library or purchase a replacement copy online or at a local store to give to the library. In many cases it is cheaper to buy a replacement copy yourself. Either way, you will be charged the $5.00 processing fee. 

If you choose to purchase the item online or at a local store it must be a new copy of the item in the same format as the copy being replaced. Used items will not be accepted. 

Lost items that are paid for can be returned if found within three months for a partial refund. 

Library Program Accommodations

Library programs are open and beneficial to all, regardless of an individuals’ level of education, experience, physical, or cognitive abilities. We invite everyone to participate. In order to make your experience positive and enjoyable, please inform us in advance of any special accommodations you may require to meet your needs.  

Presenting a Library Program

Do you have professional expertise or a presentation that is in line with the library’s mission or would make a compelling library program? If so, please fill out this form and return it to Paula Blackburn. Your presentation will be taken into consideration by library staff.

Additional Library Policies

Library policies are approved and reviewed by the Library Board of Trustees. A list of all library policies can be found here.